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The NP Corner provides legal resources and risk management information such as timely and relevant articles, webinars and information to help nurse practitioners provide high quality professional care to their patients.

Do not hesitate to call the CNPS at 1-800-267-3390 if you need assistance regarding your nursing practice or have any questions about our services.



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Other Publications of Interest to NPs

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The CNPS offers webinars on a wide range of topics of interest to nurse practitioners, including medical cannabis, documentation, social media, MAID and more.

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CNPS Professional Liability Protection

CNPS offers professional liability protection for nurses registered as nurse practitioners (pursuant to legislation) with a CNPS member organization, or through individual access to CNPS services.

The CNPS offers individual professional liability protection that will respond to claims commenced anywhere in Canada and satisfies all regulatory requirements.

Other benefits of CNPS include:

  • NPs who are contractually bound to provide “proof of liability protection” can contact CNPS for a written statement to satisfy this requirement.
  • Assistance with the investigation of criminal allegations and defence of criminal charges arising from nursing practice.
  • Legal defence for the alleged breach of certain provincial/territorial or federal statutes, including investigations of alleged human rights and privacy violations.

Learn more about CNPS core services.

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Who is Eligible

Nurses become eligible for CNPS core services, including professional liability protection, in one of two ways:

Nurses who are eligible for CNPS services and legal assistance are referred to as “beneficiaries” of the CNPS.


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Did you know?




  1. CNPS offers a pre-contractual review for nurses contemplating entering into a contract for services.

  2. CNPS offers webinars at no cost to CNPS beneficiaries. Attendance for our upcoming webinars is limited so register now.

  3. CNPS has longstanding experience in providing legal advice on healthcare related issues.  When a situation arises in which you need legal support, call CNPS.

We'd like to hear from you. If you have a suggestion for an article or webinar that you would like the CNPS to create, please email us at
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